Business Day

10 AM
11:00 AM
Unstoppable Female Entrepreneurs Making Their Dents on the World!

Meet Las Vegas top 100 influential entrepreneurs and learn what they're doing to keep their status a live!

12:00 PM
Come From Your, Authentic-Self!

When you're asked, "Who are you?" what is your answer? "I'm a mom." "I'm a business owner." How do you know who you really are, let alone how to be true to yourself? Let's dive in and explore together!

12:30 PM-1:30 PM
Lunch Break
1:45 PM
Top 4 Ways To Show Your Clients and Your Business Some Love:

Investing in customer service pays big dividends! Learn how to regularly ‘wow’ clients.

2:30 PM
Trouble With Talent?

The right hire might not have the best resume.

3:15 PM
Interview Style conversation:

Listen to one of the top 100 women of Las Vegas share their story of business success and learn what motivates them!

4:00 PM
The Guide to strengthening, Flexibility and mental well-being!
4:45 PM
Business Day Closing Speech
5 PM-6:30 PM
Reception Cocktail Party
8PM-10 PM
Dinner at the Red Rock Casino



Listen to the stories of our lineup of successful women entrepreneurs coming from diverse fields and be inspired by their experience before they achieved success. Know what it takes to face the challenges head on and succeed. Get ready to be inspired.


here is strength in numbers. Get to meet and connect with other like-minded business women at the event. Share your stories and learn from each others experiences. Discover opportunities, share and give advice and create new and enriching relationships with other successful and empowered women from different fields of endeavor.


Do you have challenges and concerns in your life or business that bother or worry you to no end? Get answers from the women who have been through a similar experience, survived, and came out on top. Equip yourself with the tools of success.

  • Testimonials have even impacted the time and happiness I am having with my own family.

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